Australian Academy of Tai Chi & Qigong

Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Hunter Valley & the Central Coast Region



1. Preparation
2. Waving Hands
3. Turtle Treads Water
4. Snow Rabbit Digs The Earth
5. Fair Maiden Scoops Water
6. Raindrops Fall on Lotus
7. Lotus Flower Blossoms
8. Face The Wind
9. Lift The Sky, Press The Earth
10. White Crane Spreads Itís Wings
11. Snow Rabbit Digs The Earth
12. Wave Hands In The Air To Close

Go as far as comfortable for yourself but never stress or strain!!
Relax and sink, weight to feet, keep head and spine upright, but without strain.
The face and chest remain relaxed.
Clear the mind of all intruding thoughts.
Never lift one foot to take a step until balance is firmly established on the standing foot.
Breathe naturally through your nose, do not hold your breath.